It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’ll say.

I was down for a while due to a host move, and things have gotten pretty scattered here because of it. Unfortunately, all of my galleries got tossed out the proverbial window, so I’ll be taking some time over the next weeks to rebuild those costume pages that I’m sure you came here for ;) I have plenty of new stuff to add in, so keep checking back!

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Update Time!

Hey everyone! It’s been months since I last posted, but now that we’re looking ahead to the 2013 convention season, I guess it’s time to get the site up to speed with all the stuff I made for 2012. I recently added new galleries for Hououji Fuu, Toudou Heisuke, and Takakura Kanba, and I have a few more cosplays left to add from Fanime and Anime Expo this summer.

Besides FanimeCon and Anime Expo, I also attended (and co-organized with OscarC) the NorCal Summer gathering this year! It saw a magnificent turnout of 118 people (from the official count) and we’re looking forward to our Fall event. The NorCal Fall Cosplay gathering will be held on October 20 at Vasona Lake Park.

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Gearing Up for Fanime 2012!

It’s that time of year again! Fanime 2012 begins a little over a week from today. This year the plans that fell into place were more merciful, such that I don’t have any last-minute scrambling and can spend the interim week fine-tuning some details and being excited for my favorite weekend of every year!

This is my cosplay schedule!

Becky from the Fanime Five mascots
- Photoshoot with OscarC

FRIDAY (Day 1)
Morning: Hououji Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth
- Photoshoot with OscarC 9:30am
Afternoon: Toudou Heisuke from Hakuouki Shinsengumi
- Photoshoot with Rave2theJ 3:00pm
Evening: Bianca from Pokemon Black&White

Morning/Afternoon: Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
- Panel! Cosplayers and Photographers Working Together, 11am
- CLAMP Gathering, 1pm
- Photoshoot with Fremen after 3pm
Evening: Unplanned! Maybe Fuu again

SUNDAY (Day 3)
All day: Maeda Keiji from Sengoku BASARA
- Photoshoot with Masakocha 3:45pm
Masquerade: Sengoku BASARA walk-on group!
Late Evening: Maeda Keiji “Ugly Prom” fanart from Sengoku BASARA

MONDAY (Day 4)
Morning/Afternoon: Secret cosplay!
- Photoshoot with OscarC 9:30am

So if you happen to catch me, be sure to say hello!

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SakuraCon, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Photoshoots!!

Earlier this month I attended SakuraCon in Seattle, Washington for the first time, and I had a blast! It was so great to meet some new people as well as hang out with friends =D The weather was kind to us (hard to ask for in Seattle) and transportation, hotel rooming, and convention logistics all went well. The highlight for me was getting to meet one of my favorite seiyuu, Masakazu Morita! I was so thrilled to have him autograph my Keiji Maeda coat, it truly completed the costume for me, and he seemed like a really nice guy in person too. Other fun events were getting to volunteer at FUNimation’s booth via ACParadise, evening Baccano! buddy-finding and cheesecake, looking fabulous but not going to the Masquerade Ball, and dressing my best for Easter Sunday. Most of all it was awesome to spend time with my hotel roommates! So many great moments!/

Cherry Blossom Festival was just as fun as always, with the odd intrusion of an Earth Day street fair all over Civic Center to confuse the cosplayers, but it worked out. I was honored to ride the float in the parade for my fourth year alongside my good friend Amaryie. The festival in the Peace Plaza is always an amazingly huge and crowded event, which made walking with my 7ft sword a bit complicated, but it’s always exciting to take photos with the passers-by!

Also, today I did a photoshoot with OscarC of my Kallen Stadtfelt cosplay, which I completed in 2008. It was fun to wear again, and even better that the weather was so beautiful! Shoutout to Sara Sekhmet for being a wonderful lighting assistant! Be on the lookout for photos posted soon =D

That’s it for now! Let the Fanime Panic set in!


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Costume Update! #50, Maeda Keiji!!

I’ve just updated my gallery with my 50th finished cosplay, Maeda Keiji from Sengoku BASARA!! This costume took a ton of time and work so I’m glad I finally got some photos of it to post up. And I’ve made so many awesome friends (near and far…) through the Sengoku BASARA fandom that I’m really proud to know and be a part of the craziness =D Here are a couple of my favorites:

You can view the Keiji costume notes and gallery here!

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Scouting at Kelley Park + Zelda photoshoot!

Yesterday OscarC and I spent the late afternoon at Kelley Park, which has been one of our NorCal Gathering meet-up locations for several past years. But since we had to resort to a different picnic area due to our usual spot being unavailable, we decided to go check out the new spot in person.

The Twin Oaks picnic area was our second choice because it lacked the seclusion of the Redwood Grove area, but Twin Oaks is shady and conveniently placed right in the center of the park, within shouting distance of several of our favorite photo locations within the park: the amphitheater, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and some grassy fields. Although we’re still more than a month away from the Spring Gathering, it looks like a good little spot to be in!

And, since OscarC hadn’t had a chance to do any cosplay shoots for a few months, and I always need photos of my newest cosplays, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot of my Zelda cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Our original intent was to grab just a few good shots, but since the lighting was so nice, we ended up with a substantial selection of very successful shots! Here are a couple of my favorites:

zelda-oscar-8 zelda-oscar-4

You can also see Oscar’s whole photoset here. Thanks for the excellent photos, Oscar! That’s all for now =)

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Costume Updates! 2 New Additions to Galleries

Hello! It’s that time again, I’ve added two new costumes to the galleries! I still have a few more to add in but I’m waiting for more photos.

First one is Youko Nakajima! I’ve been wanting to cosplay her in all of her torn-up-schoolgirl-with-a-sword awesomeness since I watched 12 Kingdoms back in 2008, but not until the group at our Angel’s Camp photo trip with OscarC happened did I really have an excuse to do it. Preview photo:


The second one is my Jade Country!Syaoran variant, finished for and worn at the NorCal Winter Gathering at Christmas in the Park. Quick project but fun to wear nonetheless:


Those are the only updates for now!

Be sure to check out the NorCal Spring Gathering information if you haven’t already done so!

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A few updates!

I’ve updated more photos into the Ai Mizuhashi and Mami Tomoe galleries! More treats from past photoshoots =)

I’ve also added costume galleries for Becky 2010 (from FanimeCon’s Role Playing Game theme) and Becky 2011 (from FanimeCon’s Steampunk theme), and Masaomi Kida from Durarara!! These were all minor projects (one of them is even a closet cosplay) so I hadn’t included them in the galleries originally, but the photos are nice so I figured I’d share them =)

I still have a couple more new costumes to add in, so keep checking back!

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Costume Update! Ciel Phantomhive (Detective Illustration)

I completed this cosplay well over a year ago, and debuted it at Anime Los Angeles 2011. The variant was too cute not to make! Visit the gallery page to see photos.

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Costume Update! Rei Miyamoto

Halloween isn’t over yet! I have one more costume to add: Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead! I made this in about two days out of leftover material, but it was a fun project anyway. View photos in the gallery here. Enjoy!

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