Scouting at Kelley Park + Zelda photoshoot!

Yesterday OscarC and I spent the late afternoon at Kelley Park, which has been one of our NorCal Gathering meet-up locations for several past years. But since we had to resort to a different picnic area due to our usual spot being unavailable, we decided to go check out the new spot in person.

The Twin Oaks picnic area was our second choice because it lacked the seclusion of the Redwood Grove area, but Twin Oaks is shady and conveniently placed right in the center of the park, within shouting distance of several of our favorite photo locations within the park: the amphitheater, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and some grassy fields. Although we’re still more than a month away from the Spring Gathering, it looks like a good little spot to be in!

And, since OscarC hadn’t had a chance to do any cosplay shoots for a few months, and I always need photos of my newest cosplays, we took the opportunity to do a little photoshoot of my Zelda cosplay from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Our original intent was to grab just a few good shots, but since the lighting was so nice, we ended up with a substantial selection of very successful shots! Here are a couple of my favorites:

zelda-oscar-8 zelda-oscar-4

You can also see Oscar’s whole photoset here. Thanks for the excellent photos, Oscar! That’s all for now =)

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2 Responses to Scouting at Kelley Park + Zelda photoshoot!

  1. HELP! says:

    I am doing this cosplay and i was wondering what did you do for the gold belt? I don’t know what to use for it please help!

    • Bekalou says:

      The belt is made of flat gold-plated discs that I linked together with jump rings. You can check your local craft or beading store for something that might work!

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