SakuraCon, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Photoshoots!!

Earlier this month I attended SakuraCon in Seattle, Washington for the first time, and I had a blast! It was so great to meet some new people as well as hang out with friends =D The weather was kind to us (hard to ask for in Seattle) and transportation, hotel rooming, and convention logistics all went well. The highlight for me was getting to meet one of my favorite seiyuu, Masakazu Morita! I was so thrilled to have him autograph my Keiji Maeda coat, it truly completed the costume for me, and he seemed like a really nice guy in person too. Other fun events were getting to volunteer at FUNimation’s booth via ACParadise, evening Baccano! buddy-finding and cheesecake, looking fabulous but not going to the Masquerade Ball, and dressing my best for Easter Sunday. Most of all it was awesome to spend time with my hotel roommates! So many great moments!/

Cherry Blossom Festival was just as fun as always, with the odd intrusion of an Earth Day street fair all over Civic Center to confuse the cosplayers, but it worked out. I was honored to ride the float in the parade for my fourth year alongside my good friend Amaryie. The festival in the Peace Plaza is always an amazingly huge and crowded event, which made walking with my 7ft sword a bit complicated, but it’s always exciting to take photos with the passers-by!

Also, today I did a photoshoot with OscarC of my Kallen Stadtfelt cosplay, which I completed in 2008. It was fun to wear again, and even better that the weather was so beautiful! Shoutout to Sara Sekhmet for being a wonderful lighting assistant! Be on the lookout for photos posted soon =D

That’s it for now! Let the Fanime Panic set in!


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