Mami Tomoe

Tomoe Mami, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

This cosplay was an added project that I just HAD to do for Fanime, even though I already had plenty to work on, but I was glad I could finish it in time.

Costume description from the top down:

I made the hat from scratch, out of heavyweight fusible stabilizer and covered it with purple/black two-tone taffeta and embellished with a feather. The Soul Gem is made of a premade flower-shaped yellow pendant and aluminum jewelry wire which I shaped to look like petals. I styled the wig myself; the curls are held up by jewelry wire.

The blouse and sleeves are made of white ribbed stretch bengaline, trimmed with handmade gold silk piping and small flower embellishments as the closures on the shirt and a satin bow.

I made the vest out of dark brown supple leather-look vinyl. It is trimmed with loop-edge ribbon and gold silk piping that matches the skirt. It is boned inside in the front and back and fully lined in butterscotch-yellow satin.

The skirt is silk dupioni; I used the same fabric to make the piping, and it is trimmed with the same vinyl as the vest is made of. The skirt is approximately 20 feet around the bottom edge.

The socks and shoes are bought, but I did paint the shoes with white and iridescent gold acrylic paint.

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