Youko Nakajima

Youko Nakajima from The Twelve Kingdoms.

Both the shirt and the skirt are made of charcoal grey stretch denim, while the shirt is also lined in black rayon fabric. Necktie is silver faux-silk, while details on the collar are ivory ribbon and satin. There is also a small breast pocket. The shirt and skirt are both artfully ripped and burned. The Hekisoujo (azure jewel) is a purchased glass marble attached to a bail made of Wonderflex.

The sword Suiguutou is made on a base of plywood; cut with a saber saw, shaped with a belt sander, and the fuller carved out with a Dremel tool. This was my first time carving a fuller, and while I know I could stand some more practice with the Dremel (or the router, which would have been a better tool but which I do not know how to use effectively yet), I’m reasonably pleased with how it came out.  The raised detailing on the guard is foam, carved with a woodburning tool, and paperclay, painted with metallic spraypaint and a mix of glossy and metallic enamel paint. The grip is wrapped with deep burgundy duckcloth, and the ring at the pommel is embellished with a dark red tassel.

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  2. Getsuyuki says:

    Hi Bekalou-san, your cosplay of Youko is the best I have ever seen and I am very impressed at your attention to detail for her cosplay. I intend to cosplay as her in the future and one thing that is really troubling me is her sword. I really admire how you have made her sword and I would like to ask you for some advice. I am a beginner at sword-making so if you could kindly explain to me your sword-making process in detail, it would be a great help to me. I understand that it is a little too much to ask from you but I really have no clue how to go about it, so your help would be much appreciated. While you have explicitly stated the materials and tools used here, I would like to know more about the entire process from scratch: how the sword is carved, whether it comprises of separate pieces or carved as one full piece, and how the foam and paperclay is attached to the guard.

    I am truly sorry for asking you. If you have time and would be willing to take the trouble to explain to me, please kindly send a reply to my e-mail. If not, I fully understand and I appreciate your time spent on reading this comment. Thank you very much. :)

    Keep up your awesome cosplays, they are amazing.


    • Bekalou says:

      Hi! Thanks for your question :) The sword is cut out of flat plywood using a saber saw (which is like a handheld jigsaw) and then sharpened to an edge with a belt sander. The sword, handle, and crossguard is all one solid piece of wood, so I start with a flat sword and build details on top of it. The foam is attached with ordinary glue, and the clay is sticky enough to stay on the wood and be fixed there as it dries. I hope that helps!

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